Welcome to myCareManager. A care management system designed with the clients, the family and the carers in mind. A simplified, time saving approach to help you provide the best quality of care.

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Empowering Care Organisations With Technology

Our aim is to make care organizations like yours as efficient and effective as possible so that you can focus on providing the best patient care.

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System Features


Clients are central to the system and from the client list you have easy access to their details and their history. You can see: outstanding alerts, medication schedules and treatment diaries, carer daily diaries, personal preferences and also create carer tasks and reminders.

Alexa Enabled

We provide an Alexa device for each client. Enabling carers to use voice services to register, listen to daily reminders, personal preferences and create log alerts within the myCareManager care system.

Public Alexa services are also available adding to the well being of the client.

Medication Schedule and Diary

Create medication schedules and medication diaries. Record administered medication, shared with family and guardians.

Carer Diaries

Daily carer diaries are created online. Accessible by family and guardians.

Family Access

Family members and funders have access to view in real-time a clients ongoing care records giving them the comfort and knowledge that care is being delivered correclty.

Access From Anywhere

myCareManager is a cloud based care system, log in and work from anywhere there is internet access.

Carer interface. amazon alexa.

Carers check-in and check-out at a clients home via alexa voice driven services.

Daily reminders are automatically delivered to the alexa and alerts can be logged into the cental myCareManager system verbally through the alexa.

Alexa gives the added benifit of video conferencing which can be used by family or friends making it easy to stay in touch.

Video conferencing can also be used as a cost saving process, CQC carer onsite checks can be performed by video calling.

amazon echo show image

Online Documentation. enables efficiency.

Carer diaries, medication schedules and administered medication details are all stored online, making them available for review at any time.

Eliminating the use of paper files within organisations and as a result less time on administration.

In built audit trails record care activity showing evidence and accountability, so transparency and compliance is improved

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Managed Service. stress free.

myCareManager is a cloud based hosted service, each care organisation will get their own private branded web service, databases and alexa interfaces.

Additional services are also available, enhanced backups, exports for external systems and private development work.

We can also provide domain registrations, host your website and provide professional branded email for your business.

Want to know more then drop us an email, we are happy to help. Contact Us

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Our vision is to address all your care management needs in one easy to use software system, now and in the future.

Our mission is to continue enhancing our system by listening and implementing your requirements.

Embrace future technologies, intergrate smart home and voice service to ensure our service remains the best it can be.

myCareManager a better future.

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